Mississippi Police Officer Accidentally Shoots 11 Year Old Boy!

Mississippi Police Officer Accidentally Shoots 11 Year Old Boy!

January 8, 2024 2834 Views

The body camera video shows several officers at the door of the Indianola home as they responded to the domestic disturbance call.

In the nearly 2-minute video, Sgt. Greg Capers could be heard asking dispatch, “if she gives us permission to kick it in, we will kick it in.”

The shooting incident happened after a woman answered the door and stepped outside of the home with her hands up.

Capers has since been reinstated to his job by the Indianola Board of Aldermen and was cleared of any wrongdoing after a grand jury decided not to indict the officer.

A statement released by the family’s attorney Carlos Moore said.

“The release of this video allows the world to independently assess whether the actions of Greg Capers were justified when he shot unarmed 11-year-old Aderrien Murry in the chest,” said Moore.

The Murry family filed a federal and civil lawsuit against the city and police in Mississippi federal court on behalf of Aderrien and his mother.

“My client, Nakala, eagerly anticipates the pursuit of justice for her son, Aderrien. We look forward to a thorough and impartial examination of the facts, and we are committed to ensuring that the truth is revealed and that justice is served,” Moore said.