Police Officer Shoots A Man For Charging At Him With A Knife!

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The Modesto Police Department released footage Friday of a July 4 shooting where an officer shot a man who allegedly charged an officer with a knife.

The footage released by Modesto police includes 911 call audio and body camera video.

In the body camera video, officers can be seen arriving at the home and talking to a person in a car about what happened. They learn a person had allegedly been threatened and that the alleged suspect locked himself in his bedroom with knives.

Once inside the home, officers can be seen talking to the suspect through the door while loud fireworks can be heard outside.

After convincing, the man to come out of the room and talk with officers in the dining room area. After a few back-and-forth conversations with people involved in the incident, things escalate when the suspect goes back to his room and that’s when the man can be seen charging at the officer with a knife, and the officer fires his weapon, hitting the man.

Paramedics responded to the scene and took the man to the hospital.

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