Police Fails To Save Depress Woman That Jumped From 5th Floor!

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A video of a woman standing on the ledge of a fifth-floor Housing and Development Board (HDB) window is circulating online.

The woman eventually jumped off the ledge before a safety life air pack could be set up below, said the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

The video began with the woman standing outside an HDB window in Block 36 Eunos Crescent, while SCDF officers were on standby below.

The area was cordoned off to the public as the woman dangled by the window ledge, leaning out while grabbing onto the railing.

Towards the middle of the almost three-minute video, the woman jumps off the ledge and lands on the ground.

Officers could be seen attending to the woman before the video ended. An SCDF firetruck and other personnel were also spotted at the scene.

SCDF has confirmed the incident, noting it received a call for assistance on Sept 20 at 6:43 pm.

“Upon SCDF’s arrival, a person was seen standing at a ledge of a 5th-floor unit. The person jumped prior to the arrival of the safety life air pack. SCDF conveyed the person to Changi General Hospital.”

the woman was later apprehended under Section 7(1) of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment)

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