Man Ended Wedding After Waiving A Gun!

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Campo says he was working as a DJ at his cousin’s wedding at Cielo Farms Nursery in Southwest Ranches Thursday night, when he says an employee of the venue abruptly approached him and started getting aggressive, demanding that he stop the music.

“He was saying he was worried about a noise complaint,” said Campo.

Campo says the employee is Christian Rafart, the stepson of Cielo Farms Owner Miguel Rodriguez.

Campo says Rafart left the room and came back with Rodriquez, and that’s when witnesses say the situation got worse.

“The next thing I know, he pulls out a gun and is threatening everyone and the remaining guests, which included my immediate family, my cousin, the bride was still inside — who is my aunt,” said Aixa Figueroa, who was at the wedding.

“I just remember like being in fear, just kind of waiting for the pop of the gun to go off and I was bracing myself to get hit by the bullet,” said Campo.

No bullets flew but witnesses say several women were hurt by Rafart during the incident.

He ended up punching one of the bridesmaids. She has a huge bruise on her face, she had to get sent to the hospital. He also pushed another bridesmaid on the floor,” said Figueroa.

Rodriguez is facing nine counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Rafart is also facing several charges including battery and resisting an officer

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