Father Kidnapped His Child And Gets Tased And Bitten By K-9

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 a 27-year-old resident of 20 Bunker Lane in Palm Coast, was arrested Tuesday on charges of kidnapping after taking the toddler he has in common with his girlfriend and driving off against his girlfriend’s wish. He drove recklessly through Palm Coast, with the child unsecured on his lap, and was arrested after a violent encounter with deputies and a police dog at McDonald’s on State Road 100.

The couple had argued, but the confrontation did not turn physical except to the extent that Leohner was handling the child. The couple had just ordered pizza, and when a neighbor walked in, Leohner became paranoid, according to his girlfriend’s account to law enforcement, and accused her of setting him up. It’s not clear why from the Sheriff’s Office’s heavily redacted incident report.

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