Dude That Couldn’t Handle A Perc Sh*ts On Everybody And Gets Bullied In The Club After He Used Girls Wigs And Coats As Toilet Tissue!

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STORY BY POSTER: I have never in my 29 years of living ever witnessed no shit like I did last night. I’m in mid turn up I almost instantly smell dookie, I get to telling my ppl like “ yal smell shit”??????? they all say yeah but they continue to party…. Y’all for the life of me I couldn’t get off the strong odor of shit roaming tht mf…. I kid you tf not I look up I see bare ass booty. This man has let the perc beat him so bad he shit on these folks coats wigs and some more shit… them folks wanted that man head on a stick. He used they shit as toilet paper OMM

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