Dude Gets Offended At Popeyes After A Man Randomly Called Him A Cr**acker For Standing In Line With Him!

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INCIDENT FROM POSTER: Before i get into this, i just wanted to preface how upsetting this was to me and how hard it was to listen to what this man had to say in front of all of these people. I unfortunately have to doordash quite often to stay afloat, im struggling financially with recent legal issues ive run into. Im trying to get my life back to where it was. But this put me over the edge.

Before i started recording, ill give you the cliff notes:

I had walked into popeyes to pickup an order for a customer. Of course, as most popeyes are on a friday night, its extremely busy. Theres not a whole lot of workers behind the counter and they are trying to get as much done as they can. Another gentleman had already been waiting in the long line but was brightening everyones mood up, just socializing and having a good time. Just simply trying to make everyone laugh (he had the hardcore florida man personality) then the florida man asked the gentelman as shown here “hey there, what order number are you waiting on?”. He replied “dont say nothing to me cr*cker, i dont talk to you white folk” the florida man went and picked up his order and said to the gentleman “have a nice night, god bless you sir” and left. I couldn’t help but hear such a hateful thing being tossed around and i just needed to say something. So i said “you didn’t have to say that, that was really messed up sir, and extremely racist” and his response was “shut up cr*cker, aint no one talkin to you” which prompted me to start recording… i stood in that line in silence, the room was quiet for some time after the video ended and as i was leaving some bystanders said it was completely off the charts for this gentleman to say that. The worst part about all of this is his KIDS WERE WITH HIM. I agreed with the bystanders statement and said god will see this action and maybe show him his ways of thinking are wrong. I have enough stuff going on right now, this was the last thing i needed man. Please, just please tiktok, please help this man realize the error of his ways…

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