Man Shoots Female Employee Over A Burger King Order!

Man Shoots Female Employee Over A Burger King Order!

February 12, 2024 2019 Views

An altercation at a Burger King restaurant escalated drastically, resulting in a woman being shot. The altercation reportedly stemmed from a burger order, which was indicated in a video that captured the heated argument.

The footage shows a female customer engaged in a verbal altercation with one of the restaurant’s employees. The female employee was seemingly yelling expletives at the customer, who responded by urging her to emerge from behind the counter.

Unafraid, the employee attempts to confront the customer, but multiple people in the restaurant intervene to keep the women separate.

At one point, the customer can be seen withdrawing a gun from her pants and then quickly returning it to her pocket. Ultimately, the customer exits the restaurant, prompting the employee to chase after her via a different door.

Later, the sound of a gunshot is heard, and the video shows the employee standing at the door with multiple people while a man who left the restaurant with the enraged customer is seen holding a firearm.

The Burger King employee and another woman subsequently fell to the floor as they struggled to get through the door, next, the employee got on her feet and walked away.