White Prison Guards Handcuffed 4 Black Inmates To A Table While A White Supremacist Inmate Stabs Them Repeatedly (Warning 18+)



A newly released video shows the brutality of an Ohio inmate’s knife attack on four other prisoners

The video obtained by The Associated Press reveals for the first time the extent of the victims’ injuries

one of Ohio’s most secure prisons. Additional security concerns were raised months later


when the same prisoner was allegedly involved in a knife attack that left a guard severely injured and hospitalized for months.

Pugh was one of the four inmates in the first attack on June 4, 2017.


He was trying to kill us, for sure,” said Pugh,

who is now out of prison and recovering from multiple stab wounds in his arm, chest and back.

The four prisoners were playing cards during an out-of-cell recreation period.


Pugh, 28, believes guards set up the attack, something the prison system,

the guards’ union and the prosecutor who brought charges against the attacker strongly deny.

Reinke “stated that he just felt like killing someone,” according to a prison report after the attack.

arguing that he was already serving a life sentence.

Reinke was convicted of aggravated murder in a 2004 shooting in Cleveland.

Reinke, 38, is now housed in the state’s supermax, high-security prison in Youngstown.

The other inmate involved in the attack on the guard, Casey Pigge, was also transferred to Youngstown.

Pigge is a three-time convicted killer who had boasted about strangling a fellow inmate on a prison van while they were being transported.

He also is serving time for killing a cellmate with a brick in 2016 and killing his girlfriend’s mother in 2008.

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